Best -10 Fastpitch Softball Bats of 2014

Softball manufacturers have stepped up their game for 2014. Fastpitch bats have more pop and more power than ever. To help you decipher which Fastpitch bat is right for you we have created our list of the Best -10 Fastpitch Softball Bats of 2014. The following list only includes bats with a -10 length-to-weight ratio. Meaning that the weight is 10 ounces less than the length of the bat (in inches). All of the bats on our list are approved for play in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA and ISF. As new bats come out in 2014 we will update this list according.

1) 2014 RIP-IT Drop 10 AIR Fastpitch Softball Bat

Price: $299.99

Available here:

Pop & Power:  10/10
RIP-IT’s Drop 10 AIR has more pop than any other Fastpitch -10 bat on the market. The harmonic barrel is like a trampoline. Balls bounce right off the bat and aim straight for the fence. You get incredible pop with each and every pitch, even when you hit outside of the sweet spot. As far as power goes this bat is pretty much guaranteed to surpass your expectations. It is loaded with major pop and power and the sweet spot is hard to miss. The sound of the bat is an added bonus, the crack of the bat reassures players that they are making great contact.

Feel/Swing: 10/10
This is hands down the most balanced bat on our list. If you compare this bat hand-in-hand with any other -10 Fastpitch bats on the market then you are going to feel the difference. This RIP-IT bat is super balanced and feels ultra lightweight. The outstanding balance of the Drop 10 AIR creates an easy and FAST swing. No matter what type of player you are—power hitter or not— you are going to have an easy time handling this bat and are going to get an immense amount of power out of it.

Grip: 10/10
Simply the best grip we have ever laid our hands on. RIP-IT lives up to their name of offering phenomenal grips that are marvelously comfortable and eliminate sting and vibrations. Their ridge grip is soft and ridged to conform to every player’s unique grasp.

Customer Service: 10/10
RIP-IT’s customer service is remarkable. The most brilliant thing about the service is that they offer their customers a 30-day return policy. If you decide you don’t want the RIP-IT  bat then you can send it back to them for a full refund. Also, their Fastpitch bats come with a 400-day warranty; which is longer than any other bat warranty out there for a fastpitch softball bat. Also, unlike any other warranty on our list: RIP-IT offers unlimited   bat replacements. Regardless of how many times you break your bat in the game or in practice–RIP-IT will continue to repair or replace the bat within those 400 days.

Total: 40/40
RIP-IT’s Drop 10 AIR is the best Fastpitch Softball bats available with a -10 length-to-weight ratio. This bat is untouchable when it comes to power, balance, grip and customer service. The most valuable thing about this bat is the return policy and warranty. With this in consideration, there is zero risk in buying a RIP-IT Drop 10 AIR.

2) 2014 Worth Sick 454 -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat

Price: $249.95

Available here:


Pop & Power: 9.5/10
The Worth Sick 454 has an immense amount of pop.  This 100% composite bat has a sweet spot that fires balls off the barrel in less than a heartbeat. Before you know it the ball is soaring to the green past the infielders. This weapon is made for solid line drives and powerful hits to the fence. The sweet spot is enormous, making for great contact on each and every hit. The only reason we deduced half a point was because our number one Fastpitch bat choice, the RIP-IT Drop 10 AIR, has slightly more pop. But still, the Worth Sick 454 doesn’t fall short of amazing when it comes to power.

Feel/Swing: 9.5/10
This bat has a nice balanced feel. The Worth Sick 454 feels light and is easy to swing but also has great control. Extreme bat speed is not missing from this Fastpitch bat. This -10 comes with an abundant amount of speed so you can perform your best at the plate. Though this bat has a marvelous feel and is significantly balanced, we had to deduct half a point because it falls short of greatness in comparison to our number one bat choice by RIP-IT.

Grip:  9/10
The Worth FPEX Power Grip is impressively soft and comfortable. Your hands will be taken care of because this grip gets the job done protecting you from experiencing any sting. The disadvantage to having this grip however is that it is thin so it doesn’t conform to your unique grip on the handle. Also, it is white and dirties easily so you have to clean it thoroughly and frequently.

Customer Service: 9/10
Worth customer service is pretty fantastic. If you call in, their customer service is more than eager to suit your needs. They also work extended hours and are available from 9:00 AM-8:00 PM, Monday through Friday. However, this bat just comes with a standard one year warranty and it is unclear what the terms are as far as repairs and replacements, but we can only assume that they only offer a one-time replacement. Worth’s website offers a vivid insight into their warranty policy,

“Please refer to your product or its packaging for the terms and conditions of any limited warranty for your purchase.  If a warranty is offered, the warranty is valid for the original retail purchaser from the date of initial retail purchase and is not transferable.  Keep the original sales receipt.  Proof of purchase is required to obtain warranty performance.  No dealer, service center, retail store or other third party has the right to alter, modify or in any way change the terms and conditions of the warranty.  The warranty, if any, included with your purchased product is your exclusive warranty.”

Total: 37/40
The Worth Sick 454 is an excellent choice for a -10 Fastpitch softball bat. It has a vast amount of power, superior pop, a regal grip and solid customer service. At our number two spot, this bat is an honorable second-best.

3) Mizuno Whiteout FP -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat

Price: $300.00

Available here:


Pop & Power: 9/10
The Mizuno Whiteout provides an ample amount of pop and power. It can rip pitches just as good as many other top-notch Fastpitch brands. The ball pops right off the barrel when in contact with its large and forgiving sweet spot. One point was deducted because although this underestimated bat can really tear pitches to shreds; it’s sweet spot isn’t as large and the power isn’t quite as strong as the bats ranked above it: RIP-IT’s Drop 10 AIR and Worth’s Sick 454 -10 Fastpitch bats.

Feel/Swing: 9/10
The bat swing is great. The Mizuno Whiteout Fastpitch -10 bat has pretty good balance and has great speed. The balance and lightness of the bat allow for a nice and controlled swing. This bat is going to do tremendous things in the hands of both a contact hitter and a power hitter.

Grip: 10/10
The Mizuno exclusive cushioned grip feels astonishingly soft and squishy. It is a grip that everyone will love, hands down. The feel is ideal and molds to the player’s hands perfectly. No sting or vibrations were felt when demoing this Fastpitch bat, even in cold weather. The grip provides not only a superior feel, but superior protection. Hit an inside pitch in the cold, this grip will still have you covered. We dub the Mizuno cushioned grip a perfect 10 for delivering remarkable comfort and performance.

Customer Service: 7/10
In case you might not know, Mizuno is a company that sells not only Fastpitch softball equipment; but they also sell goods for running, baseball, Slowpitch, volleyball, and of course: golf. As a matter of fact, Mizuno is probably most known for their superior golf equipment. Although they provide sufficient and friendly service, we get the impression they might have their hand in too many cookie jars because their customer service doesn’t seem to be that knowledgeable when it comes to the particulars of Fastpitch softball and their products. Mizuno’s website claims that the Mizuno Whiteout comes with a 1 year warranty, however it does not specify what this warranty entails, such as what damage it covers or how many replacements or repairs you will be granted.

Total: 35/40
The Mizuno Whiteout -10 doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Although you may not see many Mizuno Fastpitch bats on the field: they are a hidden treasure. The Mizuno Whiteout is a high-quality bat with a tremendous amount of power, a terrific grip and an amazing swing. This underdog stands it’s ground at our number three spot.

4) 2014 DeMarini CF6 Hope Fastpitch -10 Softball Bat & 2014 CF6 Insane Fastpitch -10 Softball Bat

    The reason for a tie at our number four spot is because the DeMarini CF6 Insane Fastpitch -10 Softball bat and the DeMarini CF6 Hope Fastpitch -10 Softball bat are pretty much identical. However, DeMarini created the CF6 Hope Fastpitch bat to support Breast Cancer awareness. If you purchase the Hope, 1% of the proceeds will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


Price: $299.95

Available here: 2014 CF6 Hope and 2014 CF6 Insane

Pop & Power:  9/10
This two-piece composite bat includes a large sweet spot and an incredible amount of pop straight out of the wrapper; the CF6 offers an ample amount of performance. Little to no effort is required to break it in. An abundant amount of pop is experienced from the very first use. Another great feature is the extended sweet spot. All in all, the Demarini CF6 has an outstanding amount pop and power, however, not enough to top the other Fastpitch -10 softball bats on our list.

Feel/Swing: 8/10
The CF6 is end loaded, meaning it has more weight at the end of the barrel. Unlike the other Fastpitch -10 bats on our list, it is not a balanced bat. For power hitters that can handle a bat with a heavier weight then this is an awesome choice. However, if you are a contact hitter, a balanced bat would be ideal due to the lighter feel because balanced bats allow for a faster swing speed. Even though a balanced bat and end loaded bat weigh the same, they do not feel like they weigh the same. With this in mind, if you prefer an end loaded bat, this bat feels exceptional and delivers major power. The only thing holding it back is its ability to achieve as high a swing speed as its competitors listed above.

Grip: 8/10
The grip feels nice but doesn’t have as much cushioning as it needs to get a rave review. The D-Fusion Handle is supposed to eliminate vibrations, but unfortunately falls short. Although minor, you still may experience some sting at the plate with the CF6 grip. Though the grip is soft, the thinness of it makes it less than comfortable.

Customer Service: 8/10
If you call into customer service expect a long wait and expect to go through multiple obstacles to reach an actual human being. Once you finally get human life on the other line they are actually very friendly and eager to answer all questions you have.  The CF6 bats, both the Hope and the Insane, are backed by a standard one year warranty.

Total: 33/40
You can take this bat straight from the wrapper to the plate. No break in is necessary. With an end-loaded swing, this bat is the ultimate performance bat for power hitters.

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